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A musical meditative journey as the ultimate source of de-stressing life

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Music is a powerful medium that has the ability to sway an individual’s heart. It can touch one’s heart and can also create an outlet for the emotions to flow. A piece of music need not fit to a language, since it moves way beyond the limits of any language, and hence it releases a strong essence. And this music when attached to a meditational practice, can create quite a huge effect on an individual’s life. Meditation is yet another powerful activity that helps to train our mind for gaining proper hold of attention and awareness, hence achieving mental stability with an emotionally calm mind. Meditation is the key to get rid of any form of stress and anxiety, bothering an individual. Researchers are of the view that Meditation has the ability to reprogram the neural pathways, which improves the regulation of emotions. In short, meditation is a storehouse of benefits, which every being can utilize for their own good.

As mentioned earlier, the strength of music and meditation, when combined, can create a huge impact, since it doubles the benefits for its practitioners. The music classified here is not any type of music, but there already exists a category of music, specifically meant for meditative purposes. Meditative music comprises a soothing tone, which helps in attaining focus, by calming down the mind. Music used for meditative purposes is generally a collection of sounds pertaining to nature. Nature-inspired music is produced by the flow of the river, that of birds chirping, and all combined with a gentle tune of a flute. It’s mesmerizing as such that it lightens the heart, mind, and soul. The videos to which the meditational music is attached is presented with scenic beauties of nature, which have a gaze at it, calms the mind.

Ludwig Van Beethoven once said, “Music is the mediator between the life of senses and life of the spirit”. The healing meditational music can be created with Theta 6Hz Binaural waves and 432Hz Solfeggio Tone, which could ease out the stress and anxiety-related issues. Stress resulted out of the covid situation, could also be met with such meditational music. Since covid induced situations that are more severe and homebound, meditation proved to be the most sought after. And the accompaniment of such soothing music made the passage more peaceful. Keeping in mind the mental pressure felt by the people, there are several musical tracks designed which go in tune with the meditative practice. One can play the music anytime during the day, to feel better and calmer. Alternatively, such music can be used as a healing sleep meditation or sleep hypnosis, for relaxation purposes or for calm sleep. Such musical tones facilitate other healing activities as well.

When two powerful elements combine for a shared purpose, the following result would be more fruitful to look out for. Once stability is achieved through this, people start developing the essence of happiness, which is the sole purpose of life. Hence, meditation with music is the key to lead a happy and healthy life.

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