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Amit Kumar's ITC Royal Bengal visit marked a recollection of memories

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Amit Kumar as a name has not only struck a chord by being his father Kishore Kumar's son, but he has extravagantly contributed to the music industry on his own worth. That being said, Amit Kumar has graced several events or shows, pouring out the anecdotes of his musical journey, including his relationship with his father, when prompted to do so. And similar to such events, he had recently graced an event named “EkMulakat” that was organized by Prabha Khaitan Foundation, particularly in association with Shree Cement Ltd, Ehsaas Women of Kolkata, and digital media partner My Kolkata. He did not miss a chance to entertain the audience at the event held in ITC Royal Bengal, which was in fact filled with the aura of musical memories that was reminiscent of the Golden Era.

“There will never be another Kishore Kumar”! This particular statement has perhaps been fed by generations that followed as ardent lovers of Kishore Kumar’s songs. And yet nobody has heard the statement more than his son Amit. Irrespective of following his father’s footsteps into the musical arena, he was never ignited to mimic his father, rather he was indulged into establishing his own identity by living a life of his own. Although a privileged one, he never took the charm of being privileged.

Bigham Ghosh, the percussionist, initiated the conversation by calling it a “fanboy moment for him”. He continued his conversation by asking Amit to reflect upon whether he was ever impeded by his father’s legacy. Amit went on to reveal how many people had told him that if he had taken his singing seriously, he would have reached far greater heights. He knew that he could never match his father’s legacy nor ever be like him. Irrespective of that, he wished to establish his self-identity. Kumar, in addition, went on to talk about the relationship he shared with legendary music directors like Rahul Dev Burman, Laxmikant-Pyarelal, and Madan Mohan. Referring to these people, he claimed how he was highly inspired by them and how they shaped him into a capable musical personality.

Amit further recalled a conversation with RD Burman. He shared how Burman called him to share that a song of Amit sounded more like a bhajan and he did not favor the song, although it was a super hit. The song in question was none other than “Yaad Aa Rahi Hai” from the movie “Lovestory”. Ghosh further described the song as “an anthem for a generation”. The discussion further moved on to the melody and music of contemporary music. He shared that almost 90 percent of the people come from non-musical backgrounds, with trends that keep changing and dominating for over a few years. But the 10 percent population will make sure to keep the good melody in sync that never vanishes away.

The audience was showering Kumar with questions to which he was answering. One of the questions was raised by Mahalakhsmi Iyer. Iyer went to question what were the lessons he learned from his father and whether he had any regrets as such. In response, Amit answered that his father advised him on how people would come to his life trying to elevate his life, but he always had to know his actual worth and quality. As for regrets he never had one and was thankful for the love and appreciation he received from his fans and accepting him for who he was. The evening would have been incomplete without his musical melody, and hence it culminated with performances of his famous songs, including the song “Bade AccheLagte Hai” from BalikaVadhu. This song gave Amit the much-needed Bollywood break in 1976.

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