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Amit Kumar’s Unplugged version, a tribute to his mentor, RD Burman.

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Amit Kumar Ganguly, the eldest son of Kishore Kumar, happens to be an Indian playback singer, an actor, and a music composer. His popularity is mainly vested in his contribution as a playback singer. He has contributed to several Bollywood and regional film songs since the 1970s, including the compositions by the music director, RD Burman. Post Burman's death in 1994, Kumar has cited a lack of quality in music compositions, withdrew from playback singing, and instead started concentrating on live orchestra shows. Apart from Hindi songs, he has also performed in Bengali, Bhojpuri, Odia, Assamese, Marathi, and Konkani songs.

Amit Kumar has a YouTube Channel, brimming with several music videos of his. He is quite active with this channel where he releases his music videos from time to time. Fans are currently more connected to him through this platform. Out of the several collections of his songs released on YouTube, there are certain songs, which Amit Kumar has performed with an unplugged version. The renowned songs in which Amit Kumar has experimented with the unplugged version are Roz Roz Aakhon Tale and Bade Acche Lagte Hai.

To begin with, the song Roz Roz Aakho Tale, from the movie Jeevais a collaboration of Amit Kumar and Asha Bhosle, composed by RD Burman, with Gulzar penning the lyrics. It was recorded in the year 1984. As a mark to the 10-year anniversary of his YouTube channel titled “Amit Kumar”, Kumar decided to revisit his song, but with an alternate approach. He happens to share the backstory of how he received the opportunity to sing a duet with Asha Bhosle. Moreover, he being a devotee to RD Burman, this song meant more to him. As a result, he decided to pay homage to RD Burman. The music video captures the beautiful and soulful voice of Amit Kumar in an unplugged version which showcases his passion that he has poured into the song. Not only is the video a solace to the ears, but he being an actor has equally poured in his emotions as reflected through his eyes, providing solace to the eyes as well. This couldn’t have been a better homage to his mentor.

Another composition of RD Burman, sang by Amit Kumar, with lyrics penned by Anand Bakshi, is Bade Acche Lagte Hai, from the movie, Balika Vadhu. It was recorded in the year 1974. This song, as mentioned by Kumar himself, had become a household name. He called this song his ‘bread and butter ‘song. The music composed out of the blend of guitar and harmonica, with a lustrous voice has resulted in an amazing unplugged composition. His expression of an actor equally emerges out in this song, as well.

His dedication to RD Burman has been reflected through his homage to his composition, with a melodious alternate approach, which brings out passion and respect for his art and for his mentor.

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