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Kishore Kumar and his pranks E1 - PACHAAS HAZAAR KHARCHA KAR DIYE

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

An eminent stalwart in the Hindi film industry, Kishore Kumar, was a singing sensation and actor who has won hearts for his significant contribution. But apart from Kumar’s singing and acting talent, many are unaware of his mischievous side, which is clearly reflected through his pranks. Kishore Kumar has been deemed a prankster because he is no less efficient in pulling off his pranks that have easily tricked and put everybody into splits. Pranks are often played, intending to create a fun element with no malicious intent as such. Similar was with Kumar’s pranks, which brought a lively atmosphere in the sets. Although, the initial reaction to pranks is often shown through agitation or irritation, later having understood the motive, makes everyone giggle. Here in Jawaradio, we would take you to some of the pranks of the great prankster Kishore Kumar which would help you in knowing him more.

One of the iconic pranks which he played during a song, interestingly has been actually attached to a portion of the song. It is in relation to the renowned song Jai Jai Shiv Shankar, from the movie Aap Ki Kasam, picturized on Rajesh Khanna and Mumtaz. There were certain delays in shooting the song, and the producer of the movie, J. Omprakash went on to comment “PACHAAS HAZAAR KHARCHA KAR DIYE", translated as“you made me spend 50,000 rupees”. Kishore Kumar happened to pick this tagline, and the song due to some reasons was made to record again.

Carefully listening to the entire song will make one realize that amidst the extra characters playing the music, there emerges a comment from Kishore Kumar, who utters, “Bajao Re Bajao, Imaandaari se bajao", translated as“play the music with honesty”, which was followed by a giggle. What came after was surprising and in no way relevant to the song. Kishore Kumar went on to utter the tagline of the producer, that is “PACHAS HAZAAR KHARCHA KAR DIYE”, that too with such ease, that nobody was able to catch it. The film released with the song and the prank continued to be a part of the song, irrespective of being unknown to the creators. After the film was released, Kumar went on to reveal it to the producer, who could do nothing since the ship had sailed, and was left with no other option but to laugh at the entire incident.

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