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FM Tragopan Kohima




English, Nagamese & Hindi


All India Radio

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Online Radio Kohima


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FM Tragopan (AIR FM Tragopan 103 MHz) is a FM radio channel broadcast from Kohima, Nagaland under the All India Radiom. It is especially dedicated to Nagaland. It was named after the state bird of Nagaland " Bylth's Tragopan". The channel was aired for the first time on 2 October 2017 since than it is doing it's best to reach each and every radio listeners even to the remote districts. The channel mainly broadcasts music and News feeds in Hindi, English, and Nagamese. It streams huge variety of Indian music of different genres. It also features Bollywood music, Western music and showcases local Nagamese songs and coverage of all national and international News, Current affairs etc, and other entertainment shows to it's audience. It is available at 103MHz frequency. It is an important media channel of the state government. It is also tuned on DD Fres Dish. Listen to your favorite songs and news programs at FM Tragopan Kohima.

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