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Bengali Party Songs


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Turn on DiscoBani Kolkata and splash away all the lows with Bengali masala party tracks of contemporary times. Discobani Kolkata is an online radio channel catering to regional Bengali party songs, it really revives some of your memories when we listen to them. Bengali disco songs are no less a mood changer with their lyrics of love and music of the dance. Disco is an uptempo dance music style, driven by orchestric music and guitar chains which are generally fast, to all the disco music lovers and goers Discobani Kolkata Radio Channel is a treat as it has a wide collection of Bengali pop and party songs from films and albums. Sort out more disco songs for every festival and celebration with Discobani Kolkata. Listen to the live Discobani Kolkata radio channel to lift your mood because Bengali Disco means "fatafati" music. listen to it only on Discobani Kolkata on bongonet

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