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Bengali Folk Songs


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Folk Nama online radio streaming channel is an incredible collection of traditional music from rural Bengal presented by Musical. The entire rich countryside culture is brought into a single playlist what else a true music lover will want. Listen to all the traditional music genres like Bauls, Bhawaiya, Bhatiali, Jhumur, and many others under one station. Perceive the different definitions of happiness, love, expression, and daily livelihood of rural Bengal through these songs. The musical ideology that Folknama presents is the Baul Fakiri school of thought - Life is beautifully simple! The tempo of songs in this radio station is no less than a vacation back to the vintage aesthetic tradition. If you want to understand Bengali folk music start it with Folknama. The intention of Folknama is not to commercialize nor to generate revenue out of music played here but to entertain music lovers and to promote Bengali folk music to its audiences.

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