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"Bangla Rock" term itself adds so much power to us. the joy of winning a battle that everyone has to face at times in our life gets oozed out from within us when we listen to these types of songs. Bangla Rock Magazine is an online radio station that streams live 24x7 and plays almost all Bengali rock songs that are loved by young hearts inspired by its revolutionary genre. the pioneer rock music periodical from Kolkata headed by none other than Rupam Islam to bring you a radio dedicated to Bangla Rock music. From the house budding bands to the renowned gangs! the amazing electric guitars create notes of energy and power. Bangali means Gaan Bajna and is never complete without Bangla rock radio and under shear talents like Rupam Islam is an amazing piece of work and art. Don't let the dizzy, fuzzy, and busy life stop you from flying, Join the Bangla Rock Magazine radio station for nonstop bangs.

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