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Bengali Devotional Songs


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Radio Sharanam is an online radio channel that hosts mostly Bengali devotional songs, it includes bhakti songs, kirtans, morning and evening aarti prayers. Feel the moment, after a peaceful sleep in the morning and a hectic day of works and daily hustle Radio Sharanam with its holy lyrics and soothing tone adds a positive energy to our life. Even if we can't follow the lyrics yet the songs touch our minds and heart. It's dharmic hymns and songs generates a positive vibe and motivates us to led a better life. Take shelter to his abode while life gets gloomier, Radio Sharanam elucidates your devotion to the omnipresence of the almighty with mythological contexts from Bengal, While Vedic Symphonia sanctifies your mind every morning, Sandhya Arati from Belur Math gives it perfect attainment. The 24hours live streaming channel makes it a perfect companion to add in you life. Check out Radio Sharanam where our mind goes to take rest.

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