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Desi hits 2000s by Desi Zone radio is a non-stop streaming radio channel based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, The channel is niche-based broadcasts Hindi songs released only in the 2000s. The years 2000-2009 have a unique fan base when comes to Hindi songs of Bollywood. With lots of contemporary musicians and singers emerging their contribution to music that we grew up to was a major part of our childhood lives. looking back to the early 2000s the songs in Bollywood movies were mostly pop and romantic, just like the movies themselves that were obsessed with love stories and dances with quick moves. Commercial cinema music was merely fun and melodious. Most importantly, the music was original. The love for the songs was really, gossip was always exciting. Desi hits 2000s radio channel by Desi zone radio is preserving its niche, so that the music trends of the 2000s can be embraced by the new generation.

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