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"This is not just another Desi Radio ..... This is Entertainment .. taken to the Grassroot Level......
For Everyone Who Has Been Craving for Some Good Ole' Fashioned Indian Entertainment on the RADIO ---- YOU HAVE AN OPTION!!!!! Introducing Radio DeHotties ""Dehati Radio with style"". Creating history, the First ever Indian-De Hauthi AM/FM Radio for bay area's South Asian population.
Desi vesi nahin... Aisi vaisi nahin....Dil ke hai dehati ...
America mein ham Bharati .....
you're not just junta and we're not raja or rani....
We're just your bandhus whose DILs are phir bhi Hindustani!!!!!
For A Radio that will really Speak to You ...
For a Radio that will make you smile...
For A Radio where you are not a listener but more a Bandhu.....
Tune into Radio Dehotties --- dehatis with ishtyle !!!!
Our Shows cater to a demography as diverse as the culture of Indian sub-continent itself with shows in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali & Kannada. The shows genres ranging from downright laugh-out-loud entertainers as well as also hitting the cord of Classical music, Spiritual & Devotional programming.
""This is the radio of the Dehatis with the ishtyle!!!! -- this is the Radio Dehotties""!!!!
No, We are not the MANTAL ... We are the Happy and the SentiMANTAL BWOYZ and the GURLZ!!! LOL!!!!! (this is an inside joke.. for a deeper understanding please watch our video dictionary ZNMD).
Featuring the Best of the Best Entertainment with the most diverse and superior quality entertainment that only pioneers and leaders in the Entertainment business can ever bring you - Mahima of Mahima Creations heads the Programming at Radio Dehotties.
From non-stop laugh out loud entertainers, to thought-provoking discussions, from Classical Indian Music, Hindustani or Carnatic, to Classic Indian Film Hits, from Top tracks of 2011 to upcoming releases, from Good ole fashioned Game shows to Reality Talent Shows, from Shows in Tamizh to Shows in Bengali to shows in English to Shows in Hinglish ... to shows in Hindi....... Radio Dehotties Has it all!!!!!
It is Good Ole Fashioned Entertainment....that will warm your hearts .. cause it comes from the hearts of some of the Besssttttt Entertainers in the Area!!!
So, simply Tune In, Chime In and ENZOYYYYY!!!!!!"

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