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West Indian Vibes Radio (WIVR) is an online Radio station based in Toronto, Canada. The main aim of starting this Radio is to promote the West Indian culture in Canada and across the world through music focusing on all music genres including Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Chutney, Bollywood, and Calypso. The West Indian Vibes Radio channel was initially founded by a group of three notably Dj Flex (Rafeek), Dj Wasim, and Dj Young Boi (Steve), the friends who started and made it happen, the channel is focused on brings in African, Caribbean, and Indian tastes of musical fusion across different genre into the western as well as worldwide. West Indian Vibes Radio is not only known for being a Radio Station that is focused on music but also helps in the promotion of humanitarian causes they participate in charity events annually providing school supplies, foodstuff, and toys at Christmas for the less fortunate children and some poorer families all across Guyana. It is an interesting project that they have undertaken a passion for a cause.

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