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Khalsa FM is an online radio channel dedicated to the Punjabi community around the world. It is broadcast from Canada. And is believed to be the only live radio channel that is dedicated to Guru Granth Sahib or Sikhism. Khalsa FM is a new devotional songs sensation and a place confluence where listeners come to relax and get motivation for the life. The channel offers 24hours of Daily prayers, Gurbani Kirtans, Gurbani Khatas, Dharmic Sangeets, Dhadi Varans, Peoms and talk shows in Punjabi on social issues, Health educations and Religious topics. The radio channel also has a beautiful motive to engage and educate youths who are ignoring the importance of Sikhism. This channel does what it takes to reach to young minds and infuse in the quality Sikhism, so that it in many ways effect views of people. Infact it's a global awareness program to all the sikh communities. The channel is a amazing in its way, maintaining the motive and peace by its satisfying dharmic songs and hymns. Listen to Khalsa FM radio where you can hear values.

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