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Punjabi Radio

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Punjabi Radio


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Radio Tawprasad is an online radio station that live streams Sikh Gurbani Kirtan daily throughout the year. It is a religious channel dedicated to Sikh followers. The name itself means a prayer to praise God. The short composition of prayer consisting of 10 stanzas penned down by Guru Gobind Singh is streamed in audio on this channel to reach all. The channel is doing an amazing job to make available such significant daily liturgy prayer(Nitnem and Amrit Sanchar) to those who couldn't attend them. The Gurbani is believed to be the direct words of God, stating the way of life one should lead. Gurbani is a source of truth with which the internal sins get erased and one who finds Gurbani sweet is in the supreme state. To get inspiration and understand the positivity of the philosophy of the almighty you should take the chance to listen to Radio Tawprasad, It makes it available for you 24x7.

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