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Sikh Kirtan Radio is an online radio streaming channel that broadcasts devotional holy Sikh Gurbani Kirtan. The divine hymns of Guru Granth Sahib have a huge significance in the religion. Guru Nanak, who wrote much of his teachings in the form of poems, which he sang with his companions, the singing tradition still continues as a means of spiritual elevations. Almost all important occasion in a Sikh community is solemnized with the kirtan. The devotional lyrics with gentle and rhythmic chants and musical embodiments make it an essence of the Sikh practice that helps to connect with the divine above. The dharmic roop of Sikhism is oneness and love, it teaches to love Wahiguru, for the only sake of Wahiguru alone, without any conditions. It is the belief that in leading a good life, one must work hard, be honest, treat everyone equally, be generous and kind. Sikh Kirtan Radio streams them all 24x7 hours daily, it conveys positive energy to our daily life.

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