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Amazon Audible: A suitable platform to fuel one's reading instincts

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Amazon's launch of Audible was an innovative turn in itself. It introduced an alternative version to reading content and books. Rather, unique in approach, this version facilitates an audiobook service in the form of podcasts. These audiobooks are spoken word content in a narrative form, which meets the taste buds of the users, based on the categories they look out for. The enhanced version of the service caters to our auditory senses and is a boon for active listeners.

People who could make the best out of this service are those who have a penchant for reading books but are unable to devote their time to reading, given the tight schedule they are pushed in. The task of reading is undertaken by the narrator, and the user is just to listen enjoy the reading. Irrespective of the activities the user is travelling, walking, doing household work, sitting in the park etc. one could easily enjoy the new fun of book reading.

The very tagline of Audible “Books that speak to you", aptly suits the function it serves. One is simply ought to plug in the earphones and listen to one’s favourite book. These audiobooks are accessible through Laptops, Tablets, or Smartphones, be it Android or IOS. Since Audible can be accessed through the existing Amazon account, hence change in devices does not affect the function in any manner.

Membership details:

  • Audible comes with free trial access for the initial period.

  • For the regular account holders, the trial period is of 30 days, and the prime account holders, get a 90 days trial. This can be the best opportunity for the users to get a glimpse of the service before opting for the subscription.

  • The monthly subscription begins at ₹ Rs 199/- ( around $2.70) a month, after the trial period.

  • The first audiobook after its subscription is made free to the users irrespective of the subscription.

  • The users get one credit a month, which could be regained towards any title, as per the catalogue, no matter the prices involved.

  • The book selected is added to the Audible Library, which could be easily accessed.

  • Apart from the provision of monthly membership, Audible offers a 6 and 12 months subscription, ranging from Rs ₹1,345/- to Rs ₹2,332/- respectively.

  • Users can cancel the membership easily at any moment. The Audiobook stays in the library even after its cancellation.

  • If the listeners do not find the audiobook interesting, they can exchange an audiobook by choosing another for free.

Audible India's subscription offers over 200,000 audiobooks, accessible to the users through the Audible app. Audible in India is updated with new and exciting Indian and international audiobooks, with classics and best-sellers on a regular basis. The first audiobook post the subscription is made free to the users.


  • One powerful app for many devices

  • Listen anywhere, anytime - Even if you switch devices, you'll never lose your place, making it perfect for your daily commute, road trip or just before bed.

  • Offline access - Download your audiobooks to your app so you can listen without using data or Wi-Fi at no extra cost.

  • Adjustable narration speed - Pick the pace that works for you. Vary the listening speed from 0.5x to 3x.

  • Sleep timer - Don’t lose your place when you fall asleep. Set a sleep timer for up to an hour, or until the end of the chapter.

With a robust narration, it’s a brilliant platform for both the readers and listeners, where they can plunge themselves into a vast world of fiction and non-fiction.

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