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Nostalgic Moment of Anand Mahindra with Lucky Ali

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Performance Lucky Ali is a name that needs no introduction for Indian music fans who grew up in the 1990s. For nearly three decades, the singer has touched millions of hearts through his lively singles and albums that have earned him a special place among fans of Indipop music. Although he emerged as an important figure in the Indian pop scene in the 90s, he has been out of the spotlight for several years.

Recently, however, the 62-year-old man was able to impress his fans with some raw performance that was seen on social media a few weeks ago with his famous song ‘O Sanam’ to his fan gathering in Goa on 12th Dec'20. Sitting in a wooden box, Lucky Ali performed the song for a small crowd of mixed-age.

Veteran actress Nafisa Ali Sodhi, who was also in the venue, shared the video of the performance on Twitter. She wrote: "Lucky Ali at Arambol in North Goa after listening to the musical evening was requested for a song and he sang impromptu for all present. Was a lovely setting." Needless to say, it has gone massively viral on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The three-minute video has already garnered 5.6 million views on Instagram and 2.68 million views on Twitter in less than 24 hours.

Anand Mahindra, chairman of Mahindra and Mahindra Group, tweeted quoting Nafisa’s post and wrote that the scene involved nostalgia for ‘boomers’ like her. He wrote, "This scene conjures up huge nostalgia for boomers like me. Not just about #LuckyAli who’s from the same vintage, but memories of small, impromptu gatherings in the 70’; full of music, camaraderie, idealism & hopes for a better world. We’re still waiting for that world..."

Anand Mahindra's post has gone viral on social media with several likes and retweets. His fans and followers also agreed with his captions and shared their opinions in the comments section.

Ali's voice made social media users fall in love again. One user even commented, "#Lukyali just added a term to this name and thought he wouldn't break the internet?"

Another user retweeted Mahindra's tweet, saying, "Wait for that moment of Mar V Guy ...... beautiful #nostalgia #luckially #usnam"

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