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Bengali Travel Songs


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Safar radio is an online radio channel streaming 24hours of Bengali songs every day. Just like real experience always has better values, listening to music while traveling also brings so much to us. Traveling plays a very important role in our life, helps us rejuvenate ourselves and bring in a positive vibe, and changes to our state of mind and body. listening to music while traveling always helps our journey it refreshes our memories and mood. separates us in its musical and imagination bubble. Safar radio has it all to make our journey interesting. Safar radio has the best collection needed for a journey. with its amazing 'Safar' playlist Safar radio will easily become your friend in your journeys and tours. whether you take a trip to Digha, Darjeeling, Sundarban, Bankura, or anywhere in the world the Safar radio accompanies you because it's Live 24x7 for all travel lovers. Listen to Safar Radio! your friend for journeys.

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