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Bahar FM is an online radio station for evergreen hindi songs. It’s a 24hours radio station without any advertisements. Take a look at our carefully curated list of songs for every mood and you won't be able to stop yourself from shaking a leg! The '60s, '70s and the '80 are still known as the golden eras of Indian music. Even if we talk about world music, some of the best music and musicians belong to those eras. So, if you're planning a Bollywood theme Sangeet, we suggest go retro! Bring the elegance of the '60s, the foot-tapping rhythm of the '70s, and the romance of the '80s into one single playlist. Bahar FM is trying to entertain Hindi music lovers by streaming these hand picked melodious songs. The intention of Bahar FM is not to commercialize nor to generate revenue out of music played here but to entertain Hindi music lovers and to promote Hindi music to world audiences.

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