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Black10Radio is a nationwide network of private application in India. It is owned by TOUCAN Research and Development. Black10Radio contributes solution for all the music requirements. Black10Radio application confers unlimited access to different Bollywood Hindi Songs on phone without any charge. You can listen to songs with the aid of this application from anywhere. The bell bottoms pants, the polka dots print and hairstyles, everything that was shown on the silver screen used to leave an impact on the viewers. This is the reason why 80’s is considered the 'Golden Era’ for Indian cinema. If we talk about the retro songs, their endangered existence is a topic to worry. There's something about old Hindi film music. As much as we love the recent Bollywood songs, old classic songs will always remain close to our heart. Bollywood has produced hundreds of super-hit songs throughout the years, but only a few songs tend to stay close to you forever.

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