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How Indian Singers' Earn?

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Singing is the act of producing musical sound with the voice. A person who sings is called a singer. The singer may sing solo or in a group and are oftentimes accompanied by instrumental music. A song is not fulfilled without music and musical instruments. Besides, a successful song by a singer is with the best combination of musical instruments, writers, musicians, composers, and directors. Many singers are chosen for a song for their earning way.

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How do singers earn?

A singer by his/her song can earn money in different ways. These are:

  1. Live Shows:- The vast majority to be made in through live performance. The revenue generated from the tickets and sponsors is used for organizing the program and also contributes to the earning of the singers.

  2. Original Shows:- singers who sing their original music, can end up making a great deal of money selling tickets to their shows, so long as they have the draw the crowd. A singer's career is not easy to get to this place. It takes years of hard-working and a lot of more than just setting up a show and playing. These shows are costly to organize and if successful do fetch the singers a good return. If you are touring and moving around frequently you make a respectable income playing shows around the country, even if it does not pay well. So, for the vast majority of us, singers make their money in other ways.

  3. Restaurant Gigs:- If a singer can accompany him or herself, should be cashing in on restaurant background gigs. Generally, he or she needs two or three sets of covers, with a few originals mixed in if he or she wishes. They should either be well-known songs or a curated selection of songs. These gigs pay a pretty affordable sum, generally speaking, and often available only the night of the weekend.

  4. Cover bands and wedding gigs:- A cover band pay can vary quite a bit. In a given city, she/he will have cover bands playing a handsome amount at weddings and corporate functions. When he/she is involved with their top cover groups, he /she needs to know how to read charts, improvise and play to a metronome.

  5. Singers also earn money through royalties:- If a singer writes his/her own songs, he/she can earn from them through royalties. There are several types of royalties and as a singers' career progresses a lot of singers charge money to claim it. Every time their song is played on radio, television, etc, they are paid a certain sum by your producer. However, this amount is very, very small as what you get paid depends upon the discretion of the movie producer.

  6. Sponsorship/ads help singers make money:- Singer gets paid in cash-free products, free gear, or discounts on special gear. Some singers do also make money running ads before or along with their content. Most people these days are fairly aware of branding partnerships and are able to tell when somebody is promoting a product. Sometimes it can ruin an image.

  7. Singers’ own channel in social media:- Many singers are creat their own social media channels. In these channels, singers share their program updates and also sing dedicatedly for the platform which also spread their popularity. With regards to the number of subscribers, the earning is determined.

  8. Singers, make money from the movie:- A playback singer can earn huge money from a movie. If this movie song is a hit, the singer gets a bigger chunk of the amount. This is only one time earning. The popularity of these songs determines the earning potential through other activities as listed above.

Highly-paid singers are earning money from movie songs, live stage shows, tv programs, etc. They secure their life from this way of earning.

How much do some of our Indian singers earn?

The coronavirus scare has put an end to all events and gatherings, spelling doom for music artists especially Bollywood playback singers and composers who depend on concerts but also for brand building. For every movie, singers demand quite some of the amount. Here are to speak some of these high paid singer’s name:

Shaan: His smiling voice is so mesmerizing that it puts even the most unromantic person in a dreamy mood. For this, the talented singer gets Rs 3 lakhs per song.

Shreya Ghoshal:- Her career reached epitome with her very first song itself “ bairi piya”, is without a doubt the most demanded singer in the Indian Music Industry. For a film song, she gets approx Rs 7 lakhs.

Atif Aslam:- For his amazing voice he is a demandable singer in the industry. For his song, he takes approximately Rs 7.5 lakhs.

Sunidhi Chauhan:- Reality show winner Sunidhi Chauhan, in spite of vocal training in her childhood has surely proved her worth in the b- town. No wonder filmmakers are willing to pay her an amount of approximately Rs 9 lakhs.

Mika Singh:- For his nasal touch to the song makes up top our feet even if we do not really like his songs. For his songs, he is the second-highest-paid singer in India with Rs 11 lakhs per song.

Arijit Singh:- One of the best and undoubtedly the present times most famous singers of Bollywood. No wonder he gets Rs 13 lakhs for each song.

Sanu Nigam:- Sonu Nigam has won many hearts with his songs all these years. Per song, he takes approximately Rs 5.5 lakhs.

Yo-Yo Honey Singh:- India's famous rapper cum writer cum composer who when sings makes us want to get up from our seats, kick off those shoes and just dance. For his successful songs, he demanded about Rs 15 lakhs per song.

These respected singers remain in our hearts for their songs and this way they earn huge amount of money.

Note: The charges of singers are mentioned here as available from the public domain and may vary in various scenarios.

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