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Master Your Singing with NEHA KAKKAR

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Do you doubt your singing skills? You want to improve your singing. But can't find a proper platform or proper mentor? or no enough time to work on your passion? If your answer is yes then you are probably in right place. You may relate to these thoughts too.

While watching contestants on reality shows doing well, you might have wished at least for once that little was good at singing I could have gone for auditions and probably perform on a big stage. If you are confident in excelling in your singing as a career or interest, never let anything bother you from improving your singing otherwise you might lag behind. If how to start and where to start learning music and singing is still your hurdle then don't worry we can serve you some ideas.

Online course by Neha Kakker

A brand new online platform is waiting for you. The Moto says following your passion is easier than ever. It is an open online course provider that provides comprehensive courses on multiple passionate fields which includes a learning singing course mentored by one of the popular singers in the country Neha Kakker. Neha herself a self-built singer with her journey full of experience, learning, and techniques will lesson by lesson teach you how to progress in your vocals, routine exercise for healthy vocal cord, and help you with useful guidance for a breakthrough to entertainment and film industry. This course is very helpful for aspiring singer and also for a beginner those who are starting from scratch.

Platform - Frontrow

It is the much-appreciated initiative of the online course provider the "FRONTROW". The start-up was founded by tech entrepreneur trio Shubhadit Sharma, Mikhil Raj, and Ishaan Preet Singh in 2020. The company is currently operating from Bangalore and Mumbai with its 20+ member team working as a wonder to all the passionate people who want to work on their passion. Its tagline sums it up 'learn from the best '. It currently has launched with seven-course and 100+ lessons and many more on the way. It is a one-time paid lifetime access course, you have to buy the course at a nominal amount and watch-learn whenever and wherever. The FRONTROW app is available on both Google Play and the Apple app store.

Check out FRONTROW:

Download the app now:

The company's motives have gained the attention of actor Deepika Padukone as her Deepika Padukone's Family Office has invested $3.2 million in the Frontrow.

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