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TadapTadap: A revolutionary heart-break song for the generation

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Sanjay Lila Bhansali’s directorial venture, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, received unconditional rave reviews, with fans outpouring their love and support for the same. Not only was the movie loved, but the songs were equally loved and appreciated by the movie buffs. Moreover, the songs had a lot to contribute to the popularity to which the movie had its reach to. Out of the beautiful collection, the song titled TadapTadap had created a tremendous impact upon its immediate audience. Composed by Ismail Darbar, sang by KK, and penned by Mehboob Kotwal, the trio formed by these experts gave the generation a soulful song, which continues to dominate the current listeners. Basically, they gave the generation their heartbreak song. This is a song packed with powerful meanings, giving an emotional outbreak to people undergoing hardships in their relationships. The turmoil deep within those lovelorn and disturbed individuals can find a connection with the music and lyrics which bind them together. Hence, the relation is somewhat established in the process.

Given the popularity of the song TadapTadap, there happens to be an interesting story behind the recording, which is shared by the music director Ismail Darbar, during his visit to a show. Darbar goes on to recall the day of the recording, and how at around 1 am, he had asked the singer KK to sleepover for a while in the violinist’s chair, which was empty, promising to wake him up once the track was ready. The track was done by 4am, and Darbar had asked his assistant to wake KK up for the recording, being more apprehensive whether he could pull off the song at that time, given the fact it was late and he was in a sleepy mode. The assistant woke him up. Darbar being apprehensive asked KK whether he would be able to sing. KK was never more energetic, as he was all ready to sing. So, the song was recorded at 4am, and the rest is history.

Darbar went on to add that initially when he offered the song to KK by making him listen to the scratch, KK was hesitant to sing the song, as he believed his genre and style of voice was different, which required him to experiment with the newer style or tone. Darbar smartly responded by saying that being the music director was his responsibility to make him sing in the manner he wanted. He simply added that he was only in need of his voice and the rest would be handled by himself. KK agreed to it, affirming the fact that he would not be blamed after if the song didn’t work out. Darbar took in all the responsibility as expressed and with a smile recalled that he was quite impressed with the kind of honesty KK stood for. That honesty which KK had expressed and showed to Darbar was equally replicated in his song, which could reach and connect the millions together.

KK as a playback singer and Darbar as a music composer have not only managed to produce a song like TadapTadap, but they have an endless list of songs named to themselves individually, boosting and soaring the music industry to heights, by simultaneously soothing the hearts of the music lovers.

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