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US Navy captures the heart of the netizens through their soulful performance on Swades’s title track

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

The title song Yeh Jo Desh Hai Tera from 2004’s Shahrukh Khan starrer Swades had us got all emotional and attached from its initial release back then, and it still continues to carry the same sentiment without having a drop in it. A recent event further ignited the memory and emotions released out of the song. At a dinner event of the US Chief of Naval Operations, four members out of the gathering of the US Navy, happened to croon the title track of Swades. The video of their performance went viral in no time, the moment it was uploaded in the social media platform. Taranjeet Singh Sandhu, the Ambassador of India to the USA, took to the platform of Twitter to upload the performance of the song with a soulful caption, stating, “Yeh who bandhan hai jo kabhi toot nahisakta". This is a friendship bond that cannot be broken ever. US Navy singing a popular Hindi tune @USNavyCNO 's dinner last night!”Taranjeet through his tweet was mainly emphasizing on the strong and unbreakable bond that exists between India and the US. The tweet which was shared on the occasion of Holi, was further shared by the US Navy Band, calling it "a song of happiness and love".

The song composed by AR Rahman and penned by Javed Akhtar is extraordinarily rich with powerful meanings, and hence the warmth and weightage carried by the song have reached the netizens, which they have been showering with love. The video was not only liked, but it was brimming with comments of appreciation and respect. Some have praised the movie; some have glorified Shahrukh Khan’s name; some have shown their love for the song and the composer, Rahman; while some have shown their pride as an Indian. These reactions are a testimony to the fact of how the netizens have embraced the song and its true meaning oozing out of it. The attempt that was made on the part of the four Navy members was itself commendable, and the emotion which was put into the song, along with a musical backdrop was enough to drive the netizens toward them. This was indeed seen as a moment of pride for the Indians since the US nationalists had taken a moment to reflect upon their thoughts through the song.

Among the appreciative responses which the video was successful in garnering, there were responses made by Shah Rukh Khan and AR Rahman. These stalwarts, who were a part of the song could not stop themselves from expressing their gratitude and delight for the video. Shahrukh Khan initially thanked the Ambassador for posting the video. He went on to reminiscent over his Swades days, getting nostalgic over the time he had spent making a beautiful film that too with a firm belief in the song. AR Rahman on the other handmade a concise yet an impactful comment stating, “Swades rules forever”.

People who have still not given a glance at the video should definitely watch it. The presentation of the video is such which would immediately touch the hearts, as it establishes a soulful musical connection.

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